Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Red Flag ahead

It is Tuesday night and this marks my third day of running and even more amazing, my third day in a row of controlled eating. It is usually at this point that I break and go crazy on white rice, chocolate cookies and sweet sweet granola and milk (whatever I can lay my hands on really). I plan on a light run in the morning and then a strength session at the gym- doing both usually triggers me rationalizing slightly larger food portions/dessert in the evening. So tomorrow is definitely a red flag day for me. In defence, I plan to monitor my water intake (three 500ml water bottles to ensure extra fullness throughout the day), drink tea with cinnamon on top if I’m feeling like something sweet, do some stretching in front of a fav drama series (instead of snooping around in the kitchen), plan some smoothies/meals for the remainder of the week. So not to feel like I am denying myself anything (which also leads to self-sabotage) I will have a serving of rice or quinoa with dinner, savour one hot chocolate at some point through out the day, and will give myself the option of half a steamed apple with cinnamon after dinner if cravings call. I have decided to allow myself one square of dark chocolate a day to test out if that helps with waist management at all, which I’ve heard it does.

Wish me luck

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